Sad Nepali Gajal 'Parda ma pani royeko chu!' for lovers

Sad Nepali Gajal has a distinct and rich identity in literature. Nepal has a rich folklore sad Nepali Gajal is one of them. Dard Sayari published various nepali gajal muktak and sad Gajal for girlfriend, boyfriend, injured lovers and Gajal Premi.
Ghazal is a well-known poetic genre of Arabic literature which later became extremely popular in Persian, Urdu, Nepali and Hindi literature as well. In the field of music too, this genre is highly liked. A mix of Nepali, Indian and Iranian music has created a different genre as a Song. Sad Gajal is also very much liked in Ghazals.

Sad Nepali Gajal for lovers

Parda ma pani royeko chu!.
Timi khali hansi hansi banceko dekhyau.
Gaha bhari ansu bhareko chu.
Timi khali ghumi ghumi naceko dekhyau. 

Parda ma pani gumayeko chu.
Timi khali bhari bhari sanceko dekhyau.
Jharda ma pani samayeko chu.
Timi khali ghari ghari bhanceko dekhyau. 


Tarda ma pani lagayeko chu.
Timi khali sari sari bhageko dekhyau.
Marda ma pani bagayeko chu.
Timi khali mari mari lageko dekhyau. 

Garda ma pani sajayeko chu.
Timi khali vari pari dageko dekhyau.
Gaha bhari ansu bhareko chu.
Timi khali cumi cumi hanseko dekhyau.

Sad Gajal for lovers in Nepali

पर्दा म पनी रोएको छु !
तिमी खाली हाँसी हाँसी बाँचेको देख्यौ ।
गह भरी आँसु भरेको छु !
तिमी खाली घुमी घुमी नाचेको देख्यौ ।

पर्दा म पनी गुमाएको छु !
तिमी खाली भरी भरी साँचेको देख्यौ ।
झर्दा म पनी समाएको छु ।
तिमी खाली घरी घरी भाँचेको देख्यौ ।

तर्दा म पनी लगाएको छु !
तिमी खाली सरी सरी भागेको देख्यौ ।
मर्दा म पनी बगाएको छु !
तिमी खाली मरी मरी लागेको देख्यौ ।

गर्दा म पनी सजाएको छु !
तिमी खाली वरी परी दागेको देख्यौ ।
गह भरी आँसु भरेको छु !
तिमी खाली चुमी चुमी हाँसेको देख्यौ ।

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